Monday, April 14, 2008

US National Park (supplement)

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Tips for Beginners


Fun Things to Do

Park Entrance Signs
Park Stamps
Park Postcards
Camping in U.S. National Parks (美國國家公園露營)

National Park Service

National Park vs National Monument
National Park, National Forest and National Wildlife Refuge
Early History of National Park Service
National Park Rangers
First Director of NPS --- Stephen Tyng Mather
National Park Service Rustic (Parkitecture)
The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Mission 66

People and National Parks

Politicians and Theodore Roosevelt
Painters and Thomas Moran
Photographers and Ansel Adams
Architects and Gilbert Stanley Underwood
Conservationists and John Muir
Explorers and John Wesley Powell
Railroads and Santa Fe Railway
Western Hospitality and Fred Harvey


Continental Drift (Plate Tectonics)
Rocks in National Parks (國家公園裡的岩石)
Types of Volcanoes
Introduction to Glacier Landforms (冰河地形簡介)
More about Glacier Landforms
Natural Arch vs Natural Bridge
Crater vs Caldera
Types of Thermal Features
Cone-Type Geyser vs Fountain-Type Geyser
Geyserite vs Travertine
Types of Sand Dunes


Deserts in the US
Great Plains
Rocky Mountain
Colorado Plateau
Basin and Range Province
The Appalachians
The Sierra Nevada
The Cascades

Wild Animals

Introduction to Large Mammals (大型哺乳動物簡介)
Rocky Mountain Wild Animals
Desert Wild Animals
Animals and Sand Dunes
Antler vs Horn
Grazers vs Browsers
Sheep vs Goats

Plants and Wildflowers

Introduction to Wildflowers
Extremes of Trees: Redwood, Sequoia and Bristlecone Pine
Desert Plants
All You Can See Cactus
Plants on the Sand Dunes


Autumn Foliage
Group, Herd, Flock, and School
Touring National Parks in Winter (冬遊美國國家公園)
Something about Mountain Goat
Some Accidents in National Parks
Lacey Act of 1894

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