Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Something about Thor's Hammer
The Iroquois
The War That Made America --- French and Indian War
American Revolution
Jefferson's Big Deal --- Louisiana Purchase
Early Exploration on the West Coast of North America
Jefferson's Big Dream --- Lewis and Clark Expedition
Star-Spangled Banner --- War of 1812
Missouri Compromise
Trail of Tears
The Pathfinder --- John C. Fremont
Oregon Trail
"Remember the Alamo" --- Texas Independence
"Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!" --- Oregon Treaty
The Donner Party
Mexican-American War
Bleeding Kansas --- Kansas-Nebraska Act
The Blue and the Grey --- Civil War
"I Can Make Georgia Howl!" --- Sherman's March
Seward's Icebox --- Alaska Purchase
Custer's Last Stand --- Battle of the Little Bighorn
"I Will Fight No More Forever" --- Chief Joseph
Close Encounters of the Third Kind --- Roswell

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