Thursday, April 24, 2008

Death Valley National Park (5)

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5. 住宿與交通

如果訂得到房,Furnace Creek是最適合住在公園裡面的地方,尤其當你想在這邊待二天以上;退而求其次,如果住得到Stovepipe Wells Village也算是相當不錯的。

若得住公園外且只要當天來回,Las Vegas是我認為最好的地方,單程車程大約不到二小時。事實上,Las Vegas是離死谷最近的大都市,對於要經由坐飛機到死谷的人,這應該會是最好、也是最經濟的起點。

若你像我曾經從舊金山灣區、或是從洛杉磯到死谷玩,可以考慮住Ridgecrest這地方,旅館與用餐地點還蠻多的,還可以在那買一杯Starbucks後再開進去死谷。大概開個二個半小時可以到Furnace Creek這一區,比從Las Vegas到那稍微慢一點而已。

加州Lone Pine那地方也有一些住宿選擇,只要開二個小時就可以到Furnace Creek,是個適合在去過Yosemite或Sequoia/Kings Canyon要繼續前往死谷的一個住宿地點。

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[1. 簡介] [2. 死谷裡有啥?] [3. 景點介紹] [3-1. Furnace Creek] [3-2. Badwater Road] [3-3. Scottys Castle] [3-4. Stovepipe Wells Village] [4. 旅遊計畫] [5. 住宿與交通] [6. 死谷大小事] [7. 感想]


Unknown said...

Hi, It is nice to see your blog. Actually I plan to go to USA on July for 2 weeks, and i really want to go to Death Valley. I will arrive at San Francisco, then drive to Yosemite Park--> Death Valley --> Las Vegas.

May i ask how long take from Yosemite Park to Death Valley, actually i just want to "
到此一遊" at Death Valley and the drive to Las Vegas on the same day, do you think i can finish the whole journey from Yosemite Park to Death Valley --> Las Vegas within one day? OR I stay at a mid way between Yosemite park and Death Valley? If you can, you can email to me at , as it is the first time for me to USA. Thanks for you assistance.

itchiang(thor) said...

If you leave from Tioga Pass Entrance of Yosemite NP, it will take you about 3.5 hours to arrive Death Valley's west entrance via CA-395. You may need to drive 1 or 1.5 hour to arrive the east entrance of Death Valley NP. Then, Spend 2 more hours to arrive Las Vegas. So the total driving time from Tioga Pass of Yosemite NP to Las Vegas is about 7 hours if you just pass Death Valley NP without stopping.

In July, the sun rises before 6:00am and sets after 8:00pm. So you have 14~15 hours with day light. If you get up not too late, you have plenty of time 到此一遊 Death Valley.

I think Stovepipe Wells Village (Sand Dunes and Devils Cornfield should be the easiest choices), Badwater Road (Badwater Basin and Artists Palette) and Visitor Center and Zabriskie Point at Furance Creek are your best stops. Forget about any scenic spots with trails, the heat will discourage you to do this.

Since this is your first time, try not to drive at night. Try to leave the East Entrance before 6:00pm. It takes you about 15 minutes from Furance Creek Visitor Center to East Entrance of Death Valley using CA-190. It takes you about 30 minutes from Furance Creek Visitor Center to Badwater Basin(lowest elevation point). You can use this as a reference for staying time at each scenic stop.

If you want to stay in the middle of Yosemite and Death Valley, Lone Pine, CA may be the location. But it is just about 2 hours from Tioga Pass of Yosemite. You may try to live in Stovepipe Wells Village in Death Valley if you can still reserve the motel.

Overall, I think getting up early, passing-and-touring Death Valley and arriving Las Vegas before the sky turns dark should be the best strategy.